Fiodorova Tatiana

White City
digital photo collaj 60-350sm, 2007 Exhibition Hall, `Brancusi` from the Union of Artists, UAP, Chisinau, Moldova

My white city, you are a flower of stone,
That is washed upon by soft and sunny rain,
Like winds, by ages you are blown,
Like song of youth, you come to me again
Chisinau is the capital city of the Republic of Moldova. Chisinau was a city glorified by white stone. Quite often it was possible to hear Chisinau referred to as the ` White city `. But time has changed the outline of our city into shades of red - not only politically, but also literally. Many areas of the city have become slightly red. Such has happened on Lakului Street in our city of Chisinau. It is a new elite area, where the ground costs about one hundred thousand dollars.

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 White City